The Throdwn Story

During the long wait after a first-round transfer, there’s a lot of time to sit around the pit and talk BMX. And even more time on the 32 hours of round trip driving to the next national, and the next one, and the next one. Over the past four years, a lot of those conversations in the pit or the van have turned to racing equipment, and what form the ultimate race bike might take for the younger riders. Titanium is always the first bullet point on that list.
Titanium is light, strong and, when done right, is the perfect material for BMXers under 115 lbs. It also has a natural finish that brings factory-fresh to a whole new level.
There are nearly 100 BMX Racing frame brands on the market today, and within that group there are some fine products. But there are no true “exotics” in the bunch. And that is what we have accomplished with the Throdwn line of products.
As we got to work developing the Throdwn line of products, all those late night discussions mentioned above were revisited in the presence of world-class engineers, who knew where material needed to be, and where it didn’t need to be for optimal performance and weight-savings. Every gram of material goes to top performance.
Throdwn uses race-tested, win-focused geometry and styling, then combines it with the finest materials and manufacturing processes available, to bring you a product of unparalleled quality.
Is your rider ready to Throdwn?
Throdwn Titanium Frames, Exclusively at Dan's Comp

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About Throdwn

Throdwn BMX Racing products are constructed from the finest titanium tubing, precision-welded with beautiful beads from headtube to dropouts, and rockin subtly-stylin laser-etched frame graphics, so the rider up-top is always the star of the show.

Is your rider ready to throdwn?