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  • Throdwn Aluminum Mini Stems

    The Throdwn aluminum mini stem has all the brute force of its big brother, but is svelte on the scales.  Available in 40mm and 45mm, the mini stem is built for pint-sized pedal plonkers with plenty of pull.  What more could you ask for in a mini stem?  Grip where it counts, weight where you need it, and smart-looking graphics to fatten-up your fully-dialed factory image.

  • Throdwn Titanium Cranks

    Throdwn titanium BMX Racing cranks are the ultimate blades to put on any spin-to-win battle wagon.  With exotic materials, exceptional craftsmanship and the lightest weight, you will find that every gram on board shows up in performance.  Of course, the factory flav a pair of these roll up with on the bike is pretty awesome, too.

    100mm – 224g
    125mm – 226g
    135mm – 234g
    140mm – 236g
    145mm – 238g
    150mm – 240g
    155mm – 242g
    160mm – 244g
    165mm – 251g